Easily my favorite Brand Identity job, the Remedial Herstory Project (RH) is a non profit organization that seeks to put the women of history where they belong - in the classroom. The founders of RH realized that women of history are far less taught about than men. Men certainly have had their impact on history, but there are a staggering number of women who have left their mark on history and even changed the world...and you may not even know their names. 

I met RH through a design competition. They wanted designers to create an homage to a woman in history that would ultimately end up on a tshirt. I found this competition on Instagram and my submission won! 

I noticed that they were doing an amazing job educating, but their design and social presence could use a little help. I offered my services and they reached out and asked me to rebrand their organization.
Below is the graphic they used as their logo at the time.​​​​​​​
They said the first problem with this is that it isn't a logo as much as it is a graphic. They needed an actual logo that would identify their organization and communicate the tone of their brand.
- simple, yet effective
- historical/educational feel
- visually symbolize "50%" - as in their motto: "the other half of history"
- use women's suffrage colors
- Her or Herstory should have hierarchy in the design

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