You'll hear and see the craziest things while walking around Asheville. 
One chilly October evening, walking downtown to our dinner reservation at Itto Ramen bar (shout out because they deserve it) we're crossing the intersection in front of Pack Square and the Asheville Art Museum and I kid you not, on one side of the intersection is a group of people smiling, waving, and singing Christian worship songs and waving flags with the word "Jesus" written on them. While on the other side of the intersection, is a group of Satan worshippers smiling and waving at cars while holding a sign that says...wait for it..."honk if you love Jesus"
Befuddled, my wife and I were taking in the sight while we hear a tourist say to her friend "There sure is a lot of juxtaposition in this little town"
My first thought was "Wow, what a perfect slogan for Asheville"
If you're ever visiting and you're not sure what to do,
walk around. You won't regret it.
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