The Forth and Ten podcast is by far the funniest podcast I listen to every week. On one episode, one of the members mentioned that they were looking at "upping their graphic game" soon and immediately my ears perked up. 

I made these designs for one reason. I'm a I'm a huge fan! I love this podcast and I immediately had a few designs that I wanted to make and send their way. I sent all 6 of these to them just because I appreciate what they do.

They ended up loving the designs and hopefully we'll be putting more graphics for them in the future!

If you're not a listener, you won't get the inside joke behind some of these designs, but to the die hard fans, these designs were inspired by the ridiculous moments from the show.
The sixth topic of every episode is a chance for Nate to bring up something that he absolutely hates that's going on in the world right now. He's almost always wrong.
I mentioned above that Nate is a curmudgeon and he hates a lot of stuff. But he's not alone. We all know a Nate in our lives that hates on things that are perfectly fine. This is for all the Nates in all of our lives. We call them "Nate Nation"
At the beginning of every episode, David Perdue reads a review from a listener. This segment is called "Perdue Picks". The 5 stars obviously represent the fact that this is a 5 star podcast. But I snuck in 3 little dots at the bottom. Visually, it works and just looks like a fun little pattern at the bottom to balance out the design. It's actually a call back to the fact that every time David reads the title of the review, the title is too long and he always says "dot dot dot" because he doesn't know how to view the entire title.
There's not a lot to unpack here. Dan pulls no punches...ever. He says something to this effect very often and it's almost always Nate's fault.
This one...I don't know where to begin. Listen to the podcast!
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