What the hell is that?

I met Tia, the owner of Jhawke Photography, at our first creative brief meeting and I quickly found out that she was very creative. She wanted her logo to be ambiguous and to instill curiosity into everyone who see's it. "When someone looks at my logo I want them to think 'what the hell is that' and then find out what it is."
She's experimental and unique. She pushes the limits of what photography can be by editing, posing, and positioning in such a way that her portraits bring out the personality of her subjects. She needed a logo that would do the same. The logo needs to fit on a business card, but also in the corner of a portrait that you could find in a magazine.
Next, I created elements that would answer the question of 'what is that?' I wanted her to have badges and elements for stickers, socials, website, and anywhere else that would bring clients to her.

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