To say I was excited when Nate reached out to me would be the understatement of the year. Nate is an Atlanta based comedian and one third of the "forth and ten" podcast. I've been a listener and fan of the podcast for a long time and when he reached out and asked me to design his album cover I jumped at the opportunity
- hand drawn, light and funny feel
- a pharmacy, medicine display with two different "products"
- one product should be the "name brand" depicting the likeness of a celebrity, while the other product will be the off brand and depict Nathan's likeness
- colors should be bright and eye catching
- keep it simple
One obstacle I had to figure out was scalability. today, most audio experiences are digital, so you want to be able to see and read the entire album cover if it's as big as a vinyl record, or as small as a thumbnail on your phone. With some careful placement of the title and his name I was able to achieve the ability to read it at full scale and at thumbnail size.
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